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Someone Just Created A Pregnant Beyonce Doll (Photos)

Pregnant Beyonce has been immortalized as a Barbie-style doll.
Marcus Baby based in Brazil has recreated the singer’s expectant Grammy Awards look.  
The 35-year-old had performed in a two-piece outfit that revealed her bump. Marcus recreated that, using rhinestone, plastic, gold chains and wire. 

This is the third figure he has made to look like his idol Queen Bey. But despite a warm reception for his creations, Marcus doesn't put any of the dolls up for sale, instead offering up photos on his  website and Instagram page.

He said: 'I did this job in five days and her clothes are made with gold rhinestones, metal, chains, rings, and wire. The doll has a plastic pregnant belly and also a fake piercing in her belly button, same as the original Beyoncé.
'I have 250 other dolls which are inspired by other celebrities, but they are only for myself. I don't sell to anyone,' he added.

The star is expecting twins with husband Jay-Z later this year.

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