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Serial Killer Live Streams Himself Killing Woman And Child, Even Took Selfies With The Dead Bodies!! (Graphic Images)

A German ‘white supremacist’ teen is wanted for committing a string of the most HEINOUS crimes ever. The animal isn’t just killing the victims – he’s livestreaming the videos as he kills them.
It all started on Tuesday when Marcel Hesse, 19, from Germany, is believed to have murdered a 9-year-old boy – who was his neighbor. According to reports, Marcel video’d the murder and then posted the the video on the “DARK WEB.”
The “DARK WEB” is a series of websites that operate behind a series of firewalls, where users can share untraceable files. Up until a few years ago – it was exclusively used for illegal activity. But now a lot of young people use the “DARK WEB” because they believe it offers them greater privacy.
Here are still shots from the snuff film showing him killing the 9-year-old that he sent out to friends. You can see he stabbed the poor child.

Marcel ran off and managed to escape the police. And new reports surfaced on the “Dark Web” that Marcel had killed someone else – this time a woman.
The below back and forth shows a conversation between Marcel and others – where he is trying to convince people that he in fact murdered a woman. Eventually he posted a pic of the dead body, along with a paper with the date on it – to prove he killed someone else.
Marcel is currently on the run and is believed to be a homicidal maniac.

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