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Racist Facebook User Put Up An Advert, Selling His Car To 'Only English People No Other Race Accepted'

A racist car owner who tried to sell his Vauxhall seven-seater for £1,700 via a Hull Facebook group posted a vile advert specifying sales of his car 'to English people only.'

The post which has since been removed read: 'Only selling to English people no other race accepted.'
He then added: 'Perhaps putting a ad on like this will stop time wasters especially foreign people lol you know who you are. [Sic.]'

The offensive post comes despite Hull being named UK City of Culture 2017. 
One former asylum seeker who settled in Hull for 12 years denounced the advert.
'It's very unpleasant and comes across straight away as disrespectful to other cultures. It's absolutely shocking.

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