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Nigerian House Of Reps Reverse President Buhari’s Extension Of Perm Sec’s Tenure

The House of Representatives has reversed President Muhammadu Buhari’s extension of tenure of a retired Permanent Secretary, Jamila Shu'ara .

The lawmakers also directed that Shu’ara, a Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education should cease to be a civil servant with immediate effect.
The Head of Service of the Federation (HoCSF), Winifred Oyo-Ita was directed to carry out the order and ensure that all emoluments enjoyed till date by Shu’ara since February 2016 when she was formally disengaged were returned.
The directive was outcome of hearing on the issue between the Zakari Mohammed-led Committee on Basic Education and Services and the HoCSF.
The lawmakers said the President had no power under section 171(2)(d) of the 1999 Constitution or any other existing law to extend or elongate the tenure of a Permanent Secretary whose tenure had expired by time or age, whichever comes first
The committeee, resolved that “The Head of Service should invoke relevant rules to recover all the emoluments paid to Mrs Jamila Shuara for the period of the extension.
“That the Government should ensure that Civil service rules and procedures be strictly followed in future
“That the retirement date of Dr Mrs Jamila Shuara remains 20th Feb.2016 “That Dr Mrs jamila Shuara should vacate office immediately as her retirement date remains 20th Feb. 2016.
“That the Head of Service should ensure compliance to this subject matter,and report back to the House  in four weeks’ time”.

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