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I saw death staring at me on an Airpeace flight yesterday - Miss Tourism Nigeria Recounts

Miss Tourism Nigeria and South-South Queen 2016, Faithfulness Kennedy, has recounted a near death experience she had onboard an Air-Peace flight yesterday. The beauty queen revealed a bad rain caused her flight to swerve so badly she had to say her last prayers.  Read her story below:

"Oh Lord how Merciful and Kind you are..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.. today I saw Death Looking at me.. but God4bid...
"I hear plane crash stories but today I experienced something 😭😭😭
That's how my flight was shifted from 1pm to 3pm, we all boarded.. and after all protocols observed we took off.. y'all know it's 45minutes to Lagos? But today we spent 2hours 30minutes.. I won't be in church on Sunday to give this testimony but please y'all help me thank God ... I beg you ... 😭😭😭😭.
It started raining heavily ... and suddenly became dark and cloudy ⛅️.. the pilot couldn't see again .. the speed increased, the turbulence worsened .. the plane began to shake .. heavily .. we went up high.. came down, went up again. For exactly 10times... the plane almost turned 360 it's just God 😭😭😭 I didn't know when I started crying 😭.. I almost turned on my phone to tell my mum that is time for me to die.. but I realized it will worsen the situation.. so I prayed in my heart and this was my prayer.. "Lord you know I'm destined for greatness, you said in Jeremiah that the thoughts you have of me are good and not evil, is this how u meant it?, if truly I have an unfinished business on earth and I'm going to be a great person don't all this plane crash". I closed my eyes so tight with tears the pregnant woman beside me said she feels her baby is coming out.. I got scared and I told her not to panic too much ... finally with the whole speed and all the traumas, we got to Lagos .. after 2hours 30minutes... on my knees I say God thank You"

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