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Guy Searching For Sugar Mummy Complains Online After He Was Duped

Found this on Twitter, the sender is a complaining about losing N12, 000 to a fraudster who promised to hook him up with a sugar mummy. Dunno why but this is funny. Didn't know guys pay to get sugar mummies. Had a couple of messages like that pop up on my Facebook blog page. A couple of guys, asking to be hooked up with some sugar mummies. Didn't respond cause I didn't know the right things to say.
One even sent me a photo of his manhood. Had to look him up on Facebook, he looked 22 or maybe 23, but his 'something' looked 35,  I mean it was huge. Sorry I can't share the picture here. Would have loved to sha. Meanwhile, see the messages from the guy complaining about being duped.

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