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Ghana Must Go And Round Surfaced Bags Will Not Be Allowed At Dubai Airport From 8th Of March

Dubai has introduced a new baggage rule. From Wednesday, 8th March 2017, that will make bags without flat surfaces be rejected at airports. What that means is, you will no longer be allowed to fly with your precious Ghana Must Go bags, as the bags will be considered a non-complaint bag.

According to Ali Angizeh, vice president of terminal operations at Dubai International,  baggage 
that are round or bound, cause a lot of baggage jam as it does not lie flat.

“Bags that are round or do not have a flat surface of any kind are by far the largest cause of baggage jams.

“These jams can shut down sections of our system, delay the delivery of baggage to the aircraft and inconvenience customers. Passengers who show up at the airport with non-compliant baggage, will be given the option to have it repacked in boxes, for a fee" he said on pictures of the items in bubble wrap.

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