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Daily Affirmation 24th March!

**Remember to read these words out loud and mean them!**

I affirm that the Word of God is working in me, and building me up daily. In every area of my life, there’s development and progress because the Word is my total life-builder. I am effective, excellent, and prospering in all things because I live in, and by, the Word! The Spirit of God and the Word, has spurred in me an intense passion, an unreserved commitment, and an unparalleled devotion to the Gospel. I am determined, more than ever, to reach the unreached with the Gospel! I am strengthened in my inner man by the Holy Spirit, to be effective in the ministry of the Gospel of Christ, irrespective of the tests, trials, and persecutions that I may face. The love of Christ compels and controls my actions on a daily basis, and I am flourishing and winning at every stage. Glory to God!

Good Morning, God Bless you big
( Credit : Affirmation Train )

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