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Daily Affirmation 11th March!

**Remember to say these words out loud, and mean them!***

I affirm that my spiritual antenna is raised and I receive the right signals at all times. This is my set time to be favoured of the Lord and I have found favour with God and with men. Hallelujah! There is no man nor institution that will disfavour me in life. This is my month of Insight and my heart is flooded with divine insight and spiritual understanding, not just to know, but also to walk in God's timing for my life. My spirit, soul and body are conditioned by the Word to move in line with God's perfect will at all times. I do not struggle nor respond in fear because God has not given unto me the spirit of fear. The Spirit of love, power and of a sound mind dwells in me; therefore, my mind is sound, filled with divine insight and I am excellent in all things! The eyes of my understanding are enlightened; I see the invisible and I am empowered to do the impossible. Glory to God!

Good Morning, God Bless you
( Credit : Affirmation Train )

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