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Angry Woman Comes Online To Slam Neighbours For Making 'Too Much Noise' During Sex

A jealous woman took to social media to call out her neighbours for making too much during sex.
She wrote to relationship blog break_or_makeup. complaining her neighbour who is a pastor makes a really loud noise while making love, then go to church on Sunday morning with his big bible. Read her story after the cut:

"Bom post quick I just saw my neighbors comment on your page so I decided to use this opportunity to beg her .Ogechi plz I am begging you,you are not the first to get married that you can not hold yourself while making love to that your short husband. The noise you both make irritate our ears,our ears meaning that the whole compound knows how you scream and make noise. We all know your sound track ewoooo,chimoooo,oliseo,we know that track very well. All I am begging you is to bring your voice down and be modest with your sound . In the morning that your short husband will now carry bible and be answering pastor. With these few point of mine I hope am able to convince and not insult you that you should shout with sense,because to snatch that short man won t take me anything .Bom please anonymous."

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