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18-year-old Boy Rapes Chicken After He Couldn't Find A Girl (Photo)

A sex-starved teenager identified as Kevin Simiyi, is in trouble for raping a hapless chicken. According to reports, Simiyi has bagged a 15-months jail term after he raped a chicken which reportedly died after the incident.
The 18-year-old boy pleaded with the judge in charge of his case to be lenient with him as he usually developed cold feet to walk up to a woman and ask them out on a date. Kevin when asked if he was guilty said:

 'Yes, I did it.'I was caught defiling the hen by its owner. 'I fear approaching women because of the high level of poverty and I feel women are very expensive.'

According to the owner of the hen, Judith Nasimiyu, which was raped in Bungoma, Kenya, the bird died of exhaustion last Friday as vets collected evidence against Simiyi.

After all evidence was presented in court, magistrate Stephen Mogute sentenced him to 15 months in Bungoma Prison, for bestiality.

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