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Woman Stabs Boyfriend With A Pair Of Scissors After He Turned Down Threesome Offer

42-year-old Teresa Gillard has been charged with aggravated assault after her boyfriend claimed she stabbed him for turning down a threesome with a woman she met at the local dog park.

 Gillard, a resident of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, has officially been charged with one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct.

 According to police report, Gillard offered her boyfriend a threesome with another woman that Gillard met at the local dog park. After an argument broke out between Gillard and her boyfriend, Gillard stabbed him with a pair of scissors that he actually handed her.

Police said the man then locked her out of the house and told her to leave. She re-entered the home through a back door and the physical altercation continued until he locked her out.
Gillard then called police from a neighbor’s house to report the man had been drinking, had beaten her up and threatened to shoot her, police said. Gillard also admitted to Lake Havasu City police that she drank a Budweiser Strawberryrita and two shots of peppermint schnapps prior to the stabbing.

But what manner of man refuses an offer of a threesome?

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