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Woman Parades Husband’s Mistress Naked After She Caught Them In Bed (Photos)

A furious wife frog-marched her love rival naked through the streets after allegedly catching her in bed with her husband.
The cheated woman followed her cheating husband to his friend’s apartment, then burst in on him romping with the younger 20-year-old rival.
She pounced on the girl and slashed her hair with a razor, then tore off her clothes.
The woman then dragged the girl by the head into the street outside while her two teenage sons, aged 16 and 18, and two of their pals howl to attract attention to the shamed lady.
Shockingly, the family then boasted about the attack online, sparking dozens of complaints to police and an investigation to find the victim.
The seething wife wrote on social media: ”I do not give a damn what they think or stop thinking.

”I’ll show you how you deal with the traitors of a married man. I just got this sl*t with my husband, ex-husband from today.”
After his wife had left, the cheating husband helped his young lover retrieve her clothes.

Police initially launched an investigation to find the victim, but later identified her after her sister took her to the station to make a statement.
She told officers that the man had claimed to be single and they had been together for five months.

The attacker was arrested by the police and now faces up to 10 years in jail on suspicion of threat, bodily injury, injury, defamation, crime of intolerance, violence against women and torture.

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