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Woman Makes Perfume From Her Vaginal Fluids To See If She Could Land More Dates

A Los Angeles based writer, Allison Ramirez has narrated how she made a perfume from her vaginal fluids to see if it would land her more dates. Allison Ramirez who is also an artist said research revealed, using vaginal fluid has long been a ‘secret weapon’ for women.

She decided to conduct an experiment into seeking love herself - using a perfume made from her own vaginal fluid to test out on dates. In an article written for Cosmopolitan,she wrote

"I wore perfume made from my vagina to see if it would get me better dates.
Allison made a perfume comprised of cedar, rose, and a synthetic imitation civet cat musk.

It was the musk she ended up using for her experiment, using a long cotton wool bud to extract the excretions from her vagina before dipping it into the perfume and dabbing it on her pulse points.

Allison tried out this combination on three occasions.

The first was on a double-date, which satisfyingly concluded with a kissing session a Photo Booth and her date even remarking on her scent. The second outing was a trip to a petrol station and then McDonald's, where she got an eager and enthusiastic reception from the cashier.

On the final one, a few days later, Allison applied the scent for a breakfast date - and has since made arrangements to see him again.

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