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Soldiers Throw A Crippled Man’s Wheelchair Away Then Beat Him To A Pulp For Wearing A Camouflage

This video you are about to watch is graphic... I mean it is painful to watch. A physically challenged man was brutalised in Onitsha, Anambra State by Military Police after they spotted him wearing a camouflage. They dragged him off his wheelchair, threw the wheelchair away,  dragged him on the tarred road while beating him mercilessly.

That aside...the other day my folks and 1 were on our way from the International airport when a truck load of soldiers sped past us, they almost knocked us off the way.
We wondered where they were headed with that much speed. After driving for a few miles, we saw their van parked on the road with a guy seated on the floor, leaning on the van.

They surrounded the guy with whips in hand, and at that moment I knew the guy was going to see hell. We didn’t stop, couldn’t have, they looked fierce but the image has haunted me since then.
Sadly what you are about to watch is just a tip of what our animals in uniform do. May God help us!

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