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See The Valentine Gift A Man Got His Wife (Photos)

February 14, may have come and gone but some women are still reeling in the excitement the day brought. A Facebook user Uyi Ogbeide shared photos of his dad’s beautiful gift to his mom on Val’s Day. He wrote,
Ordinarily, he'll not let me do this, but I will have to take my chance as his heir apparent and first born, I want to specially thank my Dad for being the best Dad and Husband in the world, so while my wife and I were having the best Valentine ever, my Dad got my mum this brand new Range Rover for Valentine, I haven't seen my mum this happy. Just for the records, this isn't even the first time, Daddy buys all of us cars like He will buy us toys, I love my Dad so much and I want you all to just please do me a favour and say thank you Daddy for this gift and for being who you are, you're simply the best. Please join me thank my Dad, he is an inspiration.

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