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See Celine Dion’s "Priceless” Reaction After A Fan Proposed To His Girlfriend In Front Of Her

Celine Dion’ watched two of her fans get engaged on her Las Vegas meet and greet and her reaction was priceless. This happened over the weekend.

The singer who was hosting a meet and greet watched on as her fan Nick Janevski got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend of 6 months Austin McMillan to marry him.

McMillan said neither she nor Dion knew Janevski would propose. “I didn’t even say yes… for like two whole minutes I was just shocked,” she said.
“I just looked at Celine Dion and then we both looked at him… I just kissed him.”

 Janevski told Entertainment Tonight:

 "I was shocked and couldn't get any words out, so Celine backed up into the curtain behind us and said, 'Are you going to say yes?' "Celine was shocked and I was too. She was super sweet and wished us a long and happy marriage like she had with her husband [René Angélil]. Then [she] invited herself to the wedding!”

McMillan took to Instagram to write: when @celinedion is just as shocked as you are at your PROPOSAL !!! 💍😱💗 there are no words to describe this moment! what i thought was just going to be a special night seeing my favorite performer turned out to be a night filled with so much happiness, surprise & celebration with everyone we love & even ended with donuts and ice cream so idk how it could get better! i get to marry the man of my dreams & grow old with my best friend 👴🏼❤️👵🏼 God's timing is so perfect. nothing could be better than this!

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