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Mother In-law From Hell Pours Acid On Son's Wife Then Locks Her In For Days

An evil mother in-law, Margaret Masai, attacked her 20-year-old son's wife, Reginalda, who just gave birth with acid, and allegedly locked her in the room for 2 weeks to rot to death.
According to edaily, the victim was found, tied to a pole in the room, with both her legs and fingers in a state of decay. 

Doctors at  Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital, had to amputate her legs as the acid had liquefied parts of her limb. 

The incident happened in Soysambus sub-location in Ndalu Bungoma County area of Kenya. 

The incident has been confirmed by Soysambu sub-location administrator Geoffrey Okumu,  who disclosed that Police are already investigating the case which has the lady's mother in-law as the prime suspect, an allegation which she has denied. 

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