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Hero Cabbie Saves Baby Thrown Into The River By Unstable Mom

A baby reportedly thrown into a river by his mum who left her young child for dead was saved by a hero taxi driver who happened to be passing by.
Dramatic footage shows how the toddler was hoisted out of the water by a group of witnesses after the mum allegedly threw him off a bridge in Ruzhou City, in central China's Henan Province.
Incredible mobile phone footage captured the moment a quick thinking cabby, now credited with saving the boy's life, jumped into the water and fastened a rope around the baby so he could be dragged back to safety. 
The rescuers said the mum, who did not appear to be under any stress at the time, walked up to the bridge railings and threw the fully-clothed child into the Jing River - a tributary of the Yellow River.
The woman then left as her child started to sink into the murky water.
Stunned passersby yelled at other pedestrians to save the baby, and the cab driver was the first to respond.
People on the bridge hoisted the child back up to safety and started shaking him and slapping his back in an attempt to get the water out of his lungs.

The boy was still unconscious when paramedics arrived and took him to hospital , but he fortunately woke up following treatment and is now in a stable condition. 
Ruzhou City authorities, who say the mother suffers from a mental illness, are now investigating the case.

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