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Family Traumatised After Waking Up To Find Naked Woman Sleeping Next To Their 4-Year-Old Daughter

A family has shared the terrifying story how a n*ked stranger sleeping in bed next to their toddler. 
According to The Sun, the Mum Casma Selepe, 34, revealed how she made the frightening discovery at the family home in Solomondale, in South Africa’s Limpopo Province.
Revealing details of the incident, Casma said she had put her kids to bed at 9.15pm before going to sleep herself. But she said she soon awoke to a chilling surprise.
Casma said: “My youngest child is four years old and she sleeps in our room on a separate mattress. “She was sleeping peacefully until my husband arrived home and woke me up –asking who the person sleeping next to our little girl was.”
The mysterious intruder – who was naked – gave no response when they asked her how she had got into the house or what she was doing there.
The family were left baffled after insisting all the windows and doors were closed and securely locked.
Some in the community have blamed witchcraft for the unexplained intrusion.

 “We called our pastor and some of our neighbours to come to our assistance, Casma continued."
“They were just as shocked as we were by the incident and everyone attempted to get information from the woman but she did not say anything.
“We took her outside and tied her next to a tree because the family wanted to deal with her in our own way and we wanted the community to see this unknown woman.
“We were surprised when the police arrived at my house the next morning to come and rescue the woman because our questioning of her it was getting a bit rough.”

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