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Daredevil Robbers Gunned Down By Police In Calabar (Photo)

Some deadly robbers were gunned down in Calabar after policemen engaged them in a gun battle this afternoon.
According to Ifere Paul, who shared the story online, luck ran out on the robbers who went to rob around Mayne Avenue, Calabar as the police engaged them in a deadly gun battle. 

He wrote: "according to inside information, one of the robbers was one that I reported last two weeks that he was arrested by police and was bailed and released by Police after captured with a gun and live bullets.
"The information has it that he has also spent sometimes with SARS. It is quite unfortunate that the police are sending arm robbers back into the society to go and commit more crimes.
"However, luck ran out of them today when three of his gangsters were shot dead during gun battle with Police at Mayne Avenue Calabar.
The young man resting his head on the gutter is the same guy I displayed here two weeks ago.
"The Police officers in Calabar should not give us the go ahead to demonstrate against them please. If you arrest a criminal with a gun, please make sure that person is prosecuted.

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