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Daily Affirmation 18th February: Start Your Day With This

I affirm that I am a miracle! The world and it's debilitating system can never decode me. Nothing is ever too late or too critical for me because I function in the place and authority of Jesus. I am seated together with Him in the place of dominion, authority, and power! Though I live in this world, I am not of this world. I am from above; therefore, I am not subject to the rudiments of this world. I am God's extension in the earth, and through me, His divine purpose is established in the hearts of men. This is my year of flourishing and my increase is visible for all to see. I live in victory, daily making progress, and walking in the dominion of the Spirit! I’m conscious of the indestructible life of Christ in me, and as He is, so am I—full of grace, power, and the glory of God! The Name of the Lord is glorified in me today, and forever. Glory to God.

Good morning, God Bless you
( Credit : Affirmation Train )

N/B you have to say it out loud!

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