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Customer Steals And Absconds With Two-Month-Old Baby In Lagos Market

A kidnapper identified only as T-girl  is in police net after she abducted a 2-months-old baby Kudus Adebowale in Badagry area of Lagos. According to Punch, T-girl was well known to most of the traders in the market and had lived in the community for over four years until a few months ago when she travelled. 
T-girl was said to have returned to the neighbourhood last week and went to the market, where she was treated to a warm reception around 9am on Thursday. It was gathered that she approached the baby’s mom Alimat Adebowale, who was breastfeeding the baby, Kudus, and took the child under the guise of playing with him. 

She reportedly strapped Kudus to her back afterwards and sat on a chair behind his mother, who was busy attending to customers. “Nobody knew when she (T-girl) disappeared from the market with the baby. The mother had looked back to check on Kudus, when she discovered that she had left the market with her child. We called her number, but she didn’t pick our calls. That was when it occurred to us that she had stolen the baby. “I don’t really blame Iya Kudus. She thought the child was in a safe hand because almost everybody here knows T-girl. She would come to buy things here and play with us. She is from Ibadan (Oyo State) and had lived here for more than four years before she travelled some months ago. She came back last week,” a woman, Kemi Agboola, who sells bread and drinks in the market, said. 

The incident was reported at the Badagry Police Station, and T-girl arrested in Ibadan after some passengers with whom she boarded a bus en route to the Oyo State capital raised the alarm. 

A source said:
“It was said the bus had a minor accident on the way to Ibadan and the driver had to wait for some moments. As they were waiting, Kudus started crying and the passengers urged her to breastfeed him. She refused. “As the baby’s cries increased, they compelled her to breastfeed him and she reluctantly agreed. But the baby did not suck her breasts, which made the passengers to be suspicious. After threatening to beat her up, she said she was taking the baby to her mother in Ibadan.” Our correspondent learnt that the passengers took her to the Yemetu Police Station in Ibadan, and she eventually confessed to have stolen the baby in Badagry. “The police in Ibadan contacted the Badagry division and the mother and her husband travelled there to recover their child. 

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