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Couple Share Heartwarming Pregnancy Announcement That's Got Everyone Laughing

A couple who have recently discovered they are expecting parents, have left the internet smiling after they shared a hilarious pregnancy announcement on Instagram. 

Todd Krieg and Amanda Dieson got engaged just three weeks ago – and have only recently found out they are having a boy in August. 

While this, of course, is amazing news – it’s even more special as Todd had been told by doctors that he may never be able to have children – as he lost the ability to walk after a horrific motocross accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.

It was during his recovery last year that he met Amanda, a therapist from California, who has been there for him all the way.
And now, the couple, who have overcome numerous obstacles, have so much to look forward to as they embark upon a new life together as parents.

To let their family and friends know what’s to come, Todd and Amanda posed for a series of photos that were taken by photographer Kayla Duffin.
While some were undeniably adorable, there was one rather funny photo that caught the internet’s attention.

With Amanda holding her first scan looking slightly embarrassed as Todd held his thumb up to the camera, the main attention was what was written on the brick wall behind them – ‘It still works!’

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