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Car Dealer Allegedly Brutalised By Nigerian Soldier For Not Finding Buyers For His Car

According to the Facebook user who shared the story, a car dealer was brutalised by a soldier in Umuahia, Abia State, after he was unable to sell a car given to him. 
It is alleged that the car dealer, who couldn’t find buyers for the car he repaired with his 
money, returned the car to the soldier, who accused him of destroying the car. This led to the assault incident in Umuahia.

Read his story and see pictures below: 

"See what Nigerian  soldier did to one of my friends in umuahia  Abia state. This guy is a guy dealer. A man brought  him a car to sale, this guy repaired  the car with his money, sampled  the car for buyers  to come but could not sale it, after weeks he kindly  returned   the car to the owner  ,the owner accused  him of  messing  up the car when there is nothing  like that.this man brought 4 Nigeria  soldiers to turn this guy to a half  dead man.Is Nigeria  soldiers made to protect  or kill? What a shame.share this let the whole  World see it. Federal  Government  should  call military  to order

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