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Heartwarming Video Of Nollywood Actor John Paul Nwadike Actively Participating In Delivery of His Twins

Nollywood actor John Paul Nwadike and wife have welcomed a set of twins in the US. The actor who’s been married for 4 years shared a video of himself actively participating in the delivery of his twin boys. He wrote on Instagram,
"The Great Deliverer, the King of Kings,Ancient of days, the Unchanging able God,the Ubiquitous God,The Conqueror, The Protector, The Merciful God,The Miracle Worker, The Great Provider, The Rock of Ages, The Great Healer, The all Sufficient God, The Beginning and the End,The Great I AM that I AM, the Trinity God, the Giver of Life, the Creator. I thank you soo muchhhhhhhhhh for blessing me and my household with Twins Boys. I will forever praise you, cause you’ve promised me that you will bless me abundantly only if I believe and have faith in you.#everythingna double double oooo#🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

Watch the video below:

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