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This cute little girl cut her pretty hair after watching Black Panther

This little cute girl had the prettiest longest hair but decided to cut it after she watched Black Panther. Facebook user Ema Apenu showed off his daughter's before and after look after she saw the trending movie.

Apenu said even though his daughter had lice in her hair, she still kept it but decided to cut it after she was inspired by her favourite character in the super hero movie.

When people say images dont help shape character, I say crap..., he started.My daughter recently had head lice; probably from school or me, who know... After the treatment her hair went a lot straight. She recently saw the Black Panther movie and connected with the female characters, and M'baku for some reason. So, to make a long story longer, she chose to cut her hair to get rid of the koutu and give it a chance to grow back natural... I mean, that takes some courage. She picked the hairstyle and told me to cut her hair after delibrating for 10 minutes. I believe her seeing beauty and power associated with short hair in the movie played a part in her decision... WAKANDA Forever!

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