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Woman finds out about her pregnancy, thanks to pet snake

A stunned mom-to-be found out she was expecting a child, after her pet snake, kept curling up on her stomach and refused to be moved.
Beckie, from Milton Keynes, and her partner Tom Woodruff were baffled when their pet snake, Poseidon, started snuggling up to Becky's tummy and acting oddly whenever he was around her.
Whenever they took Poseidon out of its tank it would slid onto Beckie’s tummy, refusing to budge . The snake would then hiss violently at Tom if he tried to move it. 
The snake’s behaviour was so out of character, Beckie and Tom racked their brains trying to think what may be causing him to act so erratically.
After a few days Beckie began to suspect the snake may be trying to tell her she was pregnant and she decided to take a pregnancy test.

The pair were dumbfounded when Becky tested positive. She was pregnant. 
We were both pretty shocked to be honest because the pregnancy was so unexpected.
We’d been trying for a little while, but we’d given up in a way so we were none the wiser.
Normally Poseidon would usually wrap himself around my head, but he just became obsessed with my stomach.
He would even act aggressively towards my boyfriend when he tried to come close, so it was all very peculiar.
He’s a people snake so we make sure we get him out every day for a play.
But when he refused to move from my tummy, I had a sneaky suspicion I might be pregnant – and it turned out I was right, she said.
Becky who is now two months pregnant, and her partner are overjoyed and are stunned that the snake knew she was pregnant long before they did.

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