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Serena Williams orders stepmom out of her property and threatens to change the locks following bitter divorce with her dad

Serena Williams former stepmom Lekeisha Juanita is alleging that Serena has ordered her out of her Florida home.
Lekeisha Juanita Williams fell out with the Williams family after her 7-year-old marriage to Serena's father Richard Williams collapsed.

According to TMZ, she told a judge in new documents filed in Florida, that Serena asked her to leave the property she shares with her dad or she would change the locks.

In another documents she filed, Lakeisha asked the judge to force the sale of another property they both own. She says Serena's 75-year-old dad is old and sickly and could die soon, and that would make it difficult for her to get by before the court decided who get what from him, as she desperately needs the money.

Lakeisha Williams' divorce from the tennis coach had been contemptuous from the start. Williams accused his estranged wife of being an alcoholic and stealing from him. He accused her of stealing his social security number and forging his signature to transfer money and cars to her name.
She however denied all of that.

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