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Port Harcourt based Nigerian gay lovers make out naked and share photos on Facebook

A Nigerian gay man who is obviously tired of hiding his affair has come out of the closet and is showing off his lover on social media. The lover man, Victor Johnson, took to Facebook to show off his boo with sweet snaps of themselves hugging and just being in each other's arms. 'Hmmmm I love love!'

In the photos which have since gone viral, Johnson who's reportedly based in Port Harcourt and his lover strip naked then hug tightly, the way heterosexuals do. 

He then shares a nude of himself just chilling on the bed. Johnson who doesn't seem to care about the Nigerian anti-gay law caption the photo:
“Spin it, spin it hard, spin it the way you spin it on ur boo, Cool Evening… thinking east… Thinkinh osha & Awka.”
He has deactivated his account so don't go sticking your nose into his business! Lol!

See another photo below:

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