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Nigerian lady calls out fraudulent Uber driver on Twitter

Uber drivers are starting to act shamefully, at least that is what this Twitter user thinks after she was duped severally by them. She shared messages accusing them or finding new ways of cheating unsuspecting passengers.

A Twitter user @arceetwins took to the micro blogging platform to slam Uber drivers after she noticed they have devised new cheating means.
In a series of tweets posted to her timeline, she narrated that the drivers now accept a trip, then refuse to take their calls. After you call them severally and get frustrated, you decide to cancel the trip and they get 1000 for not showing up.
She said that had happened to her severally prompting the call out.  She started her tweet by saying:

I want everyone to know of a fraudulent scheme by uber drivers to rip riders and maybe wreck the business pls take note
Interestingly, other users tweeted in support of her claim. They all claimed it had happened to them also.

Read her tweets below:

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