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Homosexuality is not a sin – Nigerian Pastor writes

A Nigerian pastor has taken to Facebook to share his opinion about homosexuals. Pastor Arinze Okoli of Higher Life World Fellowship, Imo State, took to the social media platform to share his thought on the very touchy subject.
He said homosexuality is not a sin but however added that, he may be wrong.

Read his thoughts below:
‘If men are judged sinners because of their orientation of sex,then all men are sinners in did.
The issue here is can somebody be a gay christian.
What is sin?According to James a disobedient of the law,or transgressions of the law,any man that wants the law is indebted to do the whole law,but Christ has abolished it and brought in liberty,in Christ no man is judge a sinner if he works in faith.
When I say gay is no sin,I mean sin is judged sin with no disparity’s,all men have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory,but in grace sin is overlooked to count men righteous through faith even though they don’t qualify.
Homosexuality is not sin as am led to say,I may be wrong but God’s knows everything. We live in country that is so hypocritical that people slave themselves for the approval of others,God is love and nothing more His good to all that call upon Him.
Old testament mentality kills Christianity,a new wine is put in a new wine skin.
In my post on gay people,I said the act might not be sinful,is a revelation i had,didn’t say I might not be wrong but God judges all men under sin,that they might be justified by faith,that’s what the believe.Faith is the principal here because God grants you,your faith.

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