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Ghanaian soldier kill Christian man on Salah day over mobile phone... graphic photos

A Facebook user has shared gory photos of a man killed by a Ghanaan soldier during the last Eid-celebration.
The user, Cilla Afrifa said the dead man identified as Nana Yaw Owusu was her brother. In her narrative, she said that Owusu went out to eat with his friends on Salah day. While they were eating, some soldiers accosted them demanding to check them. They obliged the soldiers who found nothing on them after the search. They then asked for their phones and when her brother refused to hand over his phone, one of the soldiers stabbed him severally on his neck and stomach, killing him in the process.

My big brother Nana Yaw Owusu was called by his Muslim friends this sala to come and eat with them at kasoa high tension, so he dress up and left the house to go and eat with his friends. They were all eating by the roadside when they were approached by 3 guys in military uniform saying they want to search them all and they allowed them to do their work, after searching them, nothing was found on them and one of the soldiers asked my brother to give him his phone and brother refused to give it to him. This soldier still wanted to take his phone but my brother said which got the soldier angry and the next thing was the soldier's knife to my brother's neck and his stomach stabbing him to death over phone that did not belong to this soldier. Now my brother is dead and gone and we got to find out that yes this guy is a turn soldier but was on leave meaning he was not suppose to even wear the uniform but he was a thief in uniform. His family are pleading for mercy now but my family and I want justice for my brother.#JUSTICEFORNANAOWUSU. Please you can help fight justice for him by shearing for the world to know how some of the military men are taking law of Ghana for cheap

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