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Commotion as two men suddenly strip and dance around naked after stealing car

Two thieves were apprehended in Mombassa, Kenya after they suddenly stripped and started dancing around naked. The incident reportedly happened this morning, Sept 6th 2017.

According to Kahawatungu, residents in the area woke up to noise and commotion after the two men suspected to have stolen a Nissan Fuga on Friday night were attacked by an evil spirit. The stolen car belonged to a man at Anwarali, in Kisauni constituency.

The thieves were driving the stolen car when they suddenly stopped, stripped naked and started rolling in muddy water, claiming the weather was too hot and they needed a bath.

They then picked up a snake which was reportedly following them and danced around with it, threatening people who stopped by to watch the show. Eyewitnesses say a witch doctor was behind the act.

Police officers arrived later and arrested them.

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