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"She likes having sex with other people's husband" - Married woman calls out husband's alleged mistress

An aggrieved wife has taken to social media to call out a woman Wendy Siaamvundu, whom she claim is sleeping with her husband. The unnamed wife wrote the editor of Zambian Accurates asking that they warn women against the alleged husband snatcher. She accused Siaamvundu of using sophisticated charms to bewitch her husband. She wrote:

This lady on this picture is Wendy Siaamvundu, a presenter at Prime TV. she has finished people's marriages in Lusaka and now she has changed location. She likes having sex with other women's husbands and mine is not an exceptional. But people have discovered she's now going to southern province and already 2 couples are almost divorcing...just want to help and warn our fellow married women to be careful; the charms she uses are very dangerous and sophisticated. She is currently going out with our husbands and are threatening to divorce us anytime if we continue condemning them for going out with her. But there is really nothing we can do because our husbands are now unstoppable with this same woman. Its quit painful.
Disturbed married women.

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