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Malia Obama harassed in Harvard by grandma

Malia Obama is already off to a bad start in Harvard where she is currently studying. The daughter of the former US president, Barrack Obama, was reportedly harassed by a grandma who needed to take photos of her for her grand child.

According to TMZ, Malia is having trouble blending in as a woman hell-bent on taking a photo with her practically harassed her.
An eyewitness said Malia was in Harvard Square with a friend when the grandma approached her asking for a photo for her grandchild but Malia politely declined. The grandma rather than move on staked out at a salad joint waiting for Malia who had entered the joint. When she came out and the grandma was still waiting,  Malia fired back at her.

"Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?" 
Witnesses told TMZ the woman got a photo in the end.

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