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7-year-old boy rescued after he gets stuck in a washing machine while playing hide and seek

A 7-year-old boy got trapped in a washing machine while playing hide and seek with his sister.
The youngster, whose name hasn't been released, was playing in his home in the city of Kharkov in eastern Ukraine. He found a perfect hiding spot and crawled right into the drum of the washing machine but couldn't get out again so he began screaming for help. 
After his family members tried unsuccessfully to pull the youngster out of the washing machine, they called emergency services for help.

Four firefighters arrived shortly and slathered sunflower oil on the boy. The oil helped him slide out unassisted.
Earlier, they used a plastic fan to give him more air as he was feeling claustrophobic inside the washing machine.
The rescue operation lasted about 20 minutes and was recorded by one of the firefighters.
Watch the video below.

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